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Disney Mighty Med

Introducing DisneyXD's exciting new comedy "Mighty Med", this game allows players to select their favorite character to rescue superheroes.

Disney Mighty Med4.2/5 - 3657 votes

Skylanders Trap Team

As part of the launch campaign for Skylanders Trap Team, this simple memory game brought the new characters and attributes to a new generation of players.

Skylanders Trap Team3.9/5 - 3666 votes

Verizon Indy Car Series

Promoting Verizon's Indy Car Series 2016 App, this game was served to players in the run up to the Indianapolis 500 opening stage. With high completion rates the campaign ran and ran.

Verizon Indy Car Series4.6/5 - 3728 votes

Disney The 7D

Spinoff from the famous Snow White franchise, The 7D follows the adventures of the mischievous dwarves. Collect gems as this game introduces the characters.

Disney The 7D3.9/5 - 3710 votes

Disney Phineas & Ferb

The mighty Phinball Wizard brought to mobile web. The game features 2 pinball tables and 5 exciting missions that follow Phineas & Ferb as they conquer cyberspace.

Disney Phineas & Ferb4.1/5 - 3654 votes

Bold Flower Match

Designed as an advergame for leading P&G detergent brand Bold 2in1. Intuitive game play and ease of success were achieved for the homemaker target audience.

Bold Flower Match4.2/5 - 3685 votes

Bic Lighter Conversation

A social media ad unit introducing the new range of BIC Lighters. Ignite a conversation and see where it goes.

Bic Lighter Conversation3.4/5 - 3674 votes

Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop

Help Blythe save her pet shop friends as they fall from the sky. Developed as web site mini game for popular german kids TV channel Toggo.

Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop4/5 - 3664 votes

Princess Hero Dress Up

Choose a super power and dress up your Super Amazing Princess Hero in fun gowns, accessories and more. Then watch her go on an exciting adventure and save the day!

Princess Hero Dress Up4.1/5 - 3677 votes
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