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The Hypersurge team

Our passion is making brand heroes

We believe everyone is a superhero. This secret identity is waiting for the opportunity to emerge; to make a difference, to save the day!

For over 1.8 billion people, gaming has become the path to heroism thanks to its compelling gratification and freedom to engage with fantastic worlds. Games are an amazing place filled with new experiences, ideal for sharing ideas and influencing others - they represent a unique opportunity for forward thinking brands.

Established in 2006 and based on Vancouver Island on the Pacific West Coast of Canada, Hypersurge is a team of award winning senior creative professionals. Our first branded games were designed to create social engagement long before Facebook. Our first mobile games were designed to deliver brand value on the move long before iPhone. Today, with over a billion branded engagements under our belt, our latest games work instantly on every device and platform, using behavioral marketing insights to personalise each experience.

Events & booths

Event booths games
Games for events enhance engagement at live events and increase lead generation and booth interaction by providing an innovative branded audience experience. Event games combine a point of presence display, leaderboard or prize and are themed around a brand's product. Event attendees play the game, learn about the product, and enter a competition to win a prize. Prizes can be real or virtual.

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Social media

Social media games
Social media games can achieve a high viral coefficient, driving engagement and completion rates from a demographically diverse audience. They provide a unique opportunity to enhance brand awareness, improve customer retention & conversion rates, and promote brand identity. The personalized and entertaining experience creates a positive emotional connection between player and brand.

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Brand marketing

Branded marketing games
Branded games use the interactive and social components of games to the advantage of a brand, making it an effective way to engage potential customers. By creating a fun and memorable gaming experience, branded games increase brand awareness and name recognition. Games for brands can also be used to collect valuable data and insights from players through sign-ups, sharing, and seamless polling.

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Serious simulations

Serious simulation games
Serious games promote problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and empathy for people from different backgrounds. Games-for-good can be used to challenge people's perceptions and biases, inspiring real-world action and results. Custom simulations can be created specifically for social change purposes, such as impact games that teach about complex social issues in a safe and immersive environment.

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TV & movies

TV & movies games
Entertainment games showcase an IP's unique aspects attracting new audience and engaging existing fans with an immersive experience. Gamified content increases website traffic and calls to action. Games can be used to gain insight from player journeys that provide analytics to drive primary content direction - for example narrative or character development towards extending the life of a franchise.

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Education learning

Education & learning games
Game-based learning is an engaging way to onboard and train. An interactive environment allows users to gain knowledge through simulations & challenges without worrying about real-world repercussions, while emotionally connecting with the training materials to improve their understanding. Game-based learning can be used to create personalized learning plans leading to higher learning outcomes.

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