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HTML6 will be instrumental to the next generation of web web applications. It will extend and evolve HTML5.

Looking for an effective tool to acquire new users and provide an engaging branded experience? Look no further than HTML games! Gamification techniques make it easy for brands to create fun content that their followers can engage with, and games are one of the most common ways for website owners to attract visitors. By incorporating gamification elements into your marketing strategy, you can inspire participation, engagement, and even loyalty, providing a memorable customer experience to all.

Brands can implement a variety of gamified elements in their marketing strategies such as playable ads, interactive games, and rewards programs. By doing so, you can attract potential new customers within a target market segment and get them actively engaged with your brand and products.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to boost your user acquisition and provide an engaging branded experience with HTML games! Consider getting professional advice from an experienced creative agency to design and develop educational, truly enjoyable, and proven games that will catch the eye of your leads. With the right strategy, you can achieve great success, just like many other brands have with gamification marketing.

We make unique cross-platform html6 games, designed for your brand, tailored to your customers, optimized for your budget, focused on your results.

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Gain more customers and more insight with Hypersurge®, a gamification service that connects users with brands through play. With over 1,000,000,000 brand engagements to date, our custom-made, cross-platform games showcase your brand and acquire insight from player behavior.



Branded games achieve CTR (click-through rates) 8x higher than most static advertising units.



Games achieve high virality and completion rates with average view times of more than 2 minutes.

Behavioral marketing

Behavioral marketing

Marketing games can learn from players and gain brand insight through their in-game choices.

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